About Quinoafy

Welcome to Quinoafy, your number one source for healthy protein rich, gluten-free Quinoa products and snacks.

A Colorado based company, Quinoafy was born as a result of a need to find healthy and mostly gluten-free nutritious snacks for our family in the current domestic market, which became very challenging.  As sports enthusiasts, we were also seeking high protein snacks capable of providing the endurance required to carry out sports activities.

Given our knowledge of the great nutritional properties of the Quinoa seed, we traveled to South America to research and meet with various Quinoa snack producers.   After a lengthy process, a producer was personally selected who had a variety of healthy snack products which not only tasted great, but were largely gluten free and high in protein. These snacks are now consumed by our own family and friends, and would also like to share them with you.

In closing, we are dedicated to giving you only the very best Quinoa snacks from South America.  We sincerely hope you enjoy our Quinoa products as our family and friends have!



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